This is My Story

My Crafted Garden has been what you might call “in development” for many years. Not just in it’s current location, but in previous locations.

I started “terracotta gardening” in my second house where it was pretty impossible to plant anything due to the row of very mature beech trees located in the next door gardens (ain’t that always the way !).

I bought pots and planted in those …………. I think pots encourage other garden ornaments and I started decorating the garden with a “Dutch Dresser” (potting bench bought in Holland) and ornamental urns.

The blue theme originates from a number of sources !

When I moved, I needed 2 moving lorries: one for the house and one for the garden !!!

I’ve ended up in this current garden which has been in my mind for many years but only recently really taken shape.

I was fortunate enough to inherit a bus shelter at the end of the garden, along with a fishpond and some other features but the chaos has pretty much been tamed, the metal shed has finally gone and all the garden art and the pots are coming in to their own !